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Whenever these disputes did flare up —as one did about the war in Ukraine — there was always someone there to remind the group of its true function: Trolling is a major feature of WPWW, and it was difficult to distinguish its members from the frequent posters on any misanthropic chan or subreddit festering in the penetralia of the internet, for whom racism is a shock tactic rather than a belief system.A lot of the mocking language in the group ("You transgender pan sexual mocca frapacino latte fluid based homosexual"; "No, you cis scum, I'm a trans hippopotamus") was completely of a piece with the trolls of the wider internet.Though a handful of posters preemptively mourned the Confederate flag, good old-fashioned American racism was relatively rare, perhaps because there were so few posters with whom it would resonate.

I didn't need to recite any Aryan pride credos, disparage any minorities, or even divulge my identity — which is probably a good thing, since I'm a 30-year-old reporter with a last name that isn't fooling anybody. Me: I don't really go to church or anything Pa: So you'd be Christian,sort of like me tho Don't bother going to mass Kind of person Me: Yeah sounds about right Pa: Where are you from?

That document trotted out tried and true, even hoary, tropes of American white supremacism; with the exception of a few mentions of the internet, much of it could have been written at any point since the end of Jim Crow.

And while that could well turn out to be the extent of his online communication, my time in WPWW convinced me that our picture of the white supremacist internet is strikingly outdated, incomplete.

But much more common were discussions about the relative racial purity of different white nations and the dissolution of white European culture. Right after Pa gave me access to WPWW, I found myself trying to follow a passionate argument about the effect of medieval Viking raids on Gaelic Ireland. "They wanted to destroy Christiandom here,they burnt kicked my moms family out of limerick and made an exclusion zone for Gaels outside its walls.

Pa, who posts on Stormfront as Heathen Irish Gael, was trying to convince another poster, a Dutch girl named Matilda1488, that the Norsemen, much romanticized among white nationalists, had committed atrocities against his ancestors:"Well they burnt my country to the groun,sacked the church,burnt MY village to the ground,sacked my family."Matilda1488, whose profile picture looked suspiciously like a Tinder bot, responded that, basically, Vikings will be Vikings: "No other occupation was available to them. My village still bares the destruction of the Danes."Pa posted a picture of ruins, set against a blue sky. Losing a female contributor wasn't good — later on Pa would joke, "1 girl wanted. As one frequent poster reasoned, she was hot, but she wasn't "Eva Braun tier."Anyways, these kinds of arguments were rare, and only happened when white-on-white violence tugged at the seams of the group's ideology.

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While the basic messages of white supremacy remain constant, the media by which they are delivered change with technology.

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